Terms & Conditions

Hello, and thank you for taking time to look at RGD GAMING LLC. We want your experience to be as seamless as possible, so we will go over our policies for you. 


All of our products have a 30 day return guarantee. Simply return the product as is, to our address, and we will refund your payment, minus any shipping costs incurred in the processing of your shipment. "As is" is defined by the condition that the item is received in. All of our products, unless indicated otherwise, are generally sealed and are assumed to be in new/working condition when they are shipped out. 

If in the event you receive a defective product IE: does not work, comes broken, is smashed in the mail, or not in a condition you would buy yourself, we will provide the return label ourselves. You have the option for a refund or an exchange. If in the event that the item is not returned within 30 days it is assumed that you are planning to keep the item.  Please include your receipt for faster processing. We consider 30 days from the day of the sale.  

Holiday Returns

From November to January our return policy increases from 30 days to 60 days. 
Return Address:

4038 N Vassault ST
Tacoma WA 98407

We do not sell personal information that we obtain from our website. Information we collect from product shipments will be used in the processing of E-commerce orders only. Do note we collect data through tracking cookies, which primarily tells how many people visit us, what country they visit from, and how often they stay on our website. We do that so we can understand how we can provide better website service. If you do not wish to continue after knowing this, please close our website, and enjoy your day. 

Internet Security

To help us secure your information we use PayPal. PayPal is one of the leading credit card processors in the world, and backs you in many ways. To start off with, it uses 128 bit encryption for your personal information. In brief, if someone attempted to read your data via an encrypted form, it would be impractical for a hacker to access your credit card information or your electronic checks. In addition, as a convenience to you, we do not process credit card transactions ourselves, which means we do not have access to your  card numbers. Here is a link to PayPals general security explanation: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=xpt/Help/general/TopQuestion6-outside

"Spam" or "Phishing" emails

Unless we have permission from you, we will not attempt to email you beyond a response to your inquiry. We will never need your credit card information over the phone, or through your email.  We will never have you fill out forms asking for that information beyond PayPal. Emails using our name to solicit information from you are unsafe, and are a twisted attempt to gain valuable account information. If not asked directly, never download any attachments as well. Viruses may enable hackers to track your keystrokes, which may come up if you routinely shop or use passwords on your computer. Consider a spyware removal program or anti-virus.