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Tacoma Kings of War Masters Prep

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Tacoma Masters Prep event is scheduled to have 5 games,

Cok 2018

January 26th-27th 2019
11:30-6:50 day 1
11:30- conclusion day 2

2,250 pts

Game Matrix
8610 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499

Edge of the Abyss and Destiny of Kings characters and units allowed. Historicals allowed

Blackjack scoring

Scenario is rolled for prior to each game from the following list: Occupy, Dominate, Push, Control, Invade, Loot, Eliminate, and Pillage

Dot deployment is used for terrain. The playing field has pre-placed dot stickers and a pool of terrain. Players take turns deploying the terrain so that it fully covers 1 dot; with the caveat that no hills be placed in deployment zones unless both players agree to it. After terrain is deployed both players rolls for table sides and continue the game as normal.

70 minute clock

Table Organization Before Event

10-11:30 (ill be at Game Matrix getting ready to arrange the event)

Day 1 Saturday January 26th

11:30-1:40 Game 1
2:00-4:10  Game 2
4:40-6:50 Game 3

11:30-1:40 Game 1
2:00-4:10 Game 2



Payment can be taken care of at:

$20 goes toward gift certificates,  which are non refundable after the 19th of January. Any funds not on certificates will go toward prize support. An order on the site reserves your ticket, and a receipt on record.  The store isn't charging event fees, so we highly encourage supporting the local business (plenty of products on site).

In addition, we highly encourage eating a good meal before the event. On site snacks and drinks are available from vending machines. If on the way in, the area is in the international district, so there is a wide variety of Korean/Chinese/Mexican/Japanese food. Taco Bell and Jack in the box is also close by.

I5 ramp access is 5-10 minutes from the shop going north or south

On site parking is available, and as usual take extra precautions to secure any valuables.

We hope you have fun and encourage you to reserve ASAP.

We have a maximum of 12 spots