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Scythians are a proud people of the horse and the bow. To the Persians, they were killers of a great king. To the Greeks, valuable mercenaries. To the Romans, auxiliaries to the toughest borders. To the Celts, the best people to trade jewelry and horse with. To the Thracians, nearly next of kin. To themselves, a people of fierce independence.  

They were a large collection of different groups who traveled extensively, living under the sky in the steppe lands, or among many of the great cultures as citizens and warriors for hire. Scythians were rarely ever to be described so plainly.

For instance, some women may have been expected to fight and kill before marriage. Other groups may have rejoiced in death, alongside the corpse of a kinsmen at the dinner table. 

This set aims to provide a starting introduction to who the Scythians were


  • Four horse sprue can be used to convert two Scythians and two Amazon warriors into horsemen
  • Amazon sprue included to diversify your Scythian force, adding 8 bodies and a host of melee and bow options
  • 32 multi-part Scythians, with melee/bow options
  • Hard Plastic

UPC: 704260156889

Sculpted by Tim Barry

Painted by Mary Profitt