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Kings of War Undead Elite Army

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Many are the wicked creatures which might set forth under the banner of a powerful Necromancer or Vampire Lord. Revenant Cavalry ride down terrified regiments of mortal troops Vicious Soul Reavers reap a bloody harvest from any who stand against them. Eerie Wraiths stalk forward, chilling the blood of those unlucky enough to face them. Hulking Werewolves stalk forwards, hunting their prey. And all the while, the the Balefire catapults rain down death and destruction on those who remain.

This set contains 42 multi-part plastic and metal Undead miniatures, including: 

  • 1 Vampire Lady Ilona
  • 20 Revenant Cavalry
  • 5 Soul Reaver Cavalry
  • 10 Wraiths
  • 3 Werewolves
  • 1 Balefire Catapult