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Kings of War Uncharted Empires Rulebook

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Written by the KoW Rules CommitteeKings of War: Uncharted Empires is a supplementary book hitting retailer shelves in November. It contains nine Force Lists allowing you to field the minor races of Mantica as fully fledged armies on the tabletop.

We don’t yet make miniatures for these armies, but you may own a similar army and want to play with them using the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rules – these force lists allow you to do exactly that!

This 64-page book includes lists for:

1. The League of Rhordia (Neutral human/halfling army)
2. Ratkin (Evil former slave race)
3. The Brotherhood (Good human army, knight/water elemental themed)
4. The Empire of Dust (Evil skeleton army, ancient Empire and ancestors of the Ophidians)
5. Reptilians (Good army of Salamanders and others)
6. The Herd (Neutral beastman army of satyrs, centuars, minotaurs etc.)
7. The Varangur (aka The Shattered Clans, Evil humans worshipping an ancient deity)

Plus two secret armies!