• Faun Warband (Estimated May 2020)

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    Charging from the woods, they are the fauns, a mix of beast and man. Ever protective of their woodlands, these tribesmen bring battle to the humans with blade, bow and axe.

    This hard plastic set includes enough to build 24 multi-piece fauns. Altogether there are 12 females and 12 males, and an optional 2 centaurs.

    x8 bows
    x8 quivers
    x16 shields (mix of wicker, bark shield and thracian styles)
    x16 2h weapons
    x32 spears in various bracing, overhand and at rest positions
    x24 hand weapons
    x8 Musical Horns
    x8 javelin racks
    x24 shoulder pads
    x48 heads  

    +bonus frame

    Centaurs x2
    Non horned heads
    Heavy armor
    Dual wielding axes and hook swords
    Pole weapon

    Sculpted By
    Jason Burns
    Tim Barry

    Painted By

    Andy Zeck

    Product Code: Faunus
    UPC: 6138938013428