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Dungeon Saga: Denizens of the Abyss

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Born of an extra-dimensional realm and the energy of the pure evil which fuels it, creatures of the Abyss are as alien as they are lethal. The very air of the mortal world burns them, every second that they spend away from the embrace of the Abyss a searing agony on their senses which can be soothed only by slaughter. It is this, as much as their very nature, which makes them so terrifying to face in battle, as they tear into all who face them with wild abandon.


This set contains 9 pre-assembled premium plastic models, including: 2 Lower Abyssals 1 Lower Abyssal Flamebearer 1 Abyssal Guard 1 Succubus 1 Hellhound 1 Tortured Soul 1 Efreet 1 Moloch Plastic Dungeon Themed Bases