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The tale of the Amazons vary, but among the most popular tales is the meeting of the Scythians. While peeing one night a Scythian comes across a woman he does not understand. Nights thereafter he convinces the camp to come closer and closer until the Amazons and Scythians start seeing each other more, leading to a curious rendezvous and later consummation of the two people. The amazons quickly learn the language of the Scythians, later asking never to be ruled by the men (in fact, one of their greatest leaders, Tomiris, was said to have bathed a kings head in a wine flask after her own husband had been killed). 

In popular lore they are seen with one less breast, attempting to control the breasts impact on the bow. While others believed they appeared breastless because they could not be distinguished from the men. Others distinguish the Amazons as cult like fighters, marrying or being involved with great warriors, whereas some see them as a people ready to fight when the men are off fighting. 

Whatever your take, the tales of the Amazon spur a curiosity that breaks the typical norm. 


  • Four horse sprue can be used to convert two Scythians and two Amazon warriors into horsemen
  • Scythian sprue included to diversify your Amazon force, adding 8 bodies and a host of melee and bow options
  • 32 multi-part Amazons, with melee/bow options
  • Hard Plastic

UPC: 704260168714

Sculpted by Tim Barry

Painted by Mary Profitt