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Welcome future Kings of War player, this page was designed to help you get into the Kings of War and to answer many of your starting questions.

What is Kings of War?

Kings of War is a fantasy table top game introduced to us from the UK. At its heart Kings of War players pick armies, build their models, paint and do battle against friends or other fantasy wargamers at tournaments. 

Demo Game Introduction

Why Do People Enjoy Kings of War?

Every player coming into Kings of War has a different reason for getting into the game. For instance, some players enjoy being able to relax by painting and building models, while some like playing games with their friends. Whatever inspires you, you will likely find it here. 

At RGD GAMING, what we enjoy about Kings of War is that we are not limited by our model choices. Players are free to include a wide range of models to represent their armies. In addition, games are designed to be completed in a short time frame (45 mins to 2 hours). Rules are also highly mainstreamed, so it doesn't take long to get into the game. 

What are Some of the Armies I Can Play?

Fans of the fantasy genre will be at home here, as you will find many classics, as well as some unique additions:

Elves- an elegant race with years of battle hardened elites. Members of the race are highly gifted archers, swordsmen, and spear men. In dire times they can call on dragons and tree kin to aid them in battle.  

Dwarves- an ancient and hardy race, the dwarves are masters of weaponry. While not particularly graceful, the dwarves are proud metallurgists, combining ranged warfare, with high quality armor, and weapons. Foes underestimating them will learn fast that dwarves are not to be overlooked. 

Abyssal Dwarves- the word honor is not meant for the lips of the abyssal dwarves. Their sole enjoyment lies in the torture of people and the creation of monstrosities. A mix of dwarves and the forces of the abyss, the abyssal dwarves use a large variety of siege weapons, slaves and demons to combat their foes. They are equally deadly as their dwarf counterpart. 

Kingdoms of Men- man is a curious and ambitious race. They employ all manner of tactics in battle, and rival elves and dwarves in terms of disciplined men and firepower. Men do not excel in just one thing, as they rely on the combined arms approach of their soldiers to bring defeat to their enemies. 

Ogres- toughened by the arid steppes, Ogres are huge creatures, wielding blades the size of men, and crossbows the size of portable ballistas. They are predominantly sell swords, being employed in nearly every army imaginable. When they are not in battle, which is rare, they are seen in great caravans with their mammoths.

Goblins- goblins are not a hardy race, unlike their Orc and Ogre allies, but they more than make up for it with sheer numbers and ranged warfare. When needed, they can count on trolls and giants when the spear or rabble bands ultimately break.  

Orcs- When orcs are not employed by evil men, they are fighting others and when not fighting others, themselves. The Orcs are an unnatural race, made with the sole intention of war. Their race is driven by the beats of the drum, and the violence of their warlords. Suffice it to say, their axes are able to solve any and all problems they face. 

Forces of Basilea- hundreds of city states represent the Forces of Basilea, and their cultures are just as varied as their beliefs in their gods. However, together, share the unwavering belief that anything unworldly has no place in Mantica. The armies of Basilea employ all manners of knights, swords, spears, but in a pinch can count on their female counterparts to lend a hand in battle (the most famous being the panther lancers). If faith holds true, fabled angels and phoenixes may appear as well.   

Undead-the legions of the Undead are unnatural, brought up to serve the will of their masters. In their employ are uncountable numbers of skeletons, zombies and ghouls, and when they serve their purpose, the Undead can turn to their cursed brothers, the wights, the lycan, and even the egotistical vampire. 

Forces of the Abyss- they are the worst of the whim and fancy that fills the world, and through it, become the abominations that corrupt all that is good in the world. They hail from a hell like void, where all manners of soldier demons reside. If not for the valiant effort of elves, men, and dwarves, they would soon overrun the world. 

Forces of Nature- nature takes no side in the affairs of men, elf or dwarf, however, when the world is threatened, all manners of aid are called to defeat those that come to destroy the world. The druids of the pine call on stone golems, animals, merfolk, lizard men and the elements themselves. 

How to Start Playing

  • Rulebook
  • Glue 
  • Paint
  • Army models
  • Dice
  • Measuring Tape

Mantic Games offers many of its core rules for free, to allow you to test out the game for yourself. Soft or hard covers of the rule book include artifact rules, which enables your units to do things beyond their natural ability. Uncharted Empires expands the list of army options, and the Destiny of Kings rulebook enables you to build campaigns around your miniatures.  

Quick Resources

Core Rules

List Builders

Models may be found here

If you should have any questions, please contact us at Hopefully we will see you at a local table near you.