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Empire of Dust Mega Army

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Ordering this set will give you the Enslaved Guardians, Swarms, Ahmunite Pharaoh and Revenant Champion a whole month ahead of their launch!

This set contains 114 plastic and metal miniatures, including:

  • 40 plastic and metal Skeleton Warriors
  • 20 plastic and metal Skeleton Archers
  • 20 plastic and metal Revenant Infantry
  • 20 premium plastic Mummies
  • 3 metal Enslaved Guardians
  • 3 metal Swarms
  • 2 plastic and metal Balefire Catapults
  • 1 metal Pharaoh/High Priest with alternate components.
  • 1 metal Revenant Champion/Army Standard Bearer with alternate components
  • Plastic bases
  • Mantic points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium Plastic and metal models require super glue